15 Days of Summer: Memo No. 1

Some say we had 45 days of rain straight.  Others suspect it was closer to 60, and a few demand it broke all records with 100 plus days of rain.  All I know is the dark, gloomy days of rain made us all appreciate the few, fleeting days of summer we were blessed to experience.  Every fiber in my body shouted to go outside, soak up the sun while it was around because I didn’t know when it would be eaten up by storm clouds.  Oh those 15 days of summer were glorious and filled with outdoor adventures!

Toward the end of August we finally experience a sun break.  A big group of us took advantage of the weather and boated up to the head of the Kijik River, which is several miles up Lake Clark.  A few people had gone fishing up the Kijik River and we ate fresh grilled Sokeye Salmon.  It was some of the best salmon I’ve ever had.

We played bocci ball amongst the rocks, ate smores, laughed around the camp fire and marveled at shooting stars.  I specifically remember the moon coming up and it being the first time I had seen the moon in a long time.  In late August sun wasn’t setting until 11:30 pm or so, which was all ready feeling early after a summer of midnight sun.

The next morning was a special one.  August 21 – my birthday!  After blueberry pancakes, Kyle and Micah proceeded to teach Sherry and I how to fly fish.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect morning.

Kyle was a very patient teacher, and I finally caught on and was getting the casting down.  I even caught a few grayling!  I learned, I love fly fishing as it has such an art and skill to it.  I have much to learn and can’t wait till next summer!



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