Mission Memos


Ice biking on Lake Clark

I can’t quite describe the joy that comes to my heart when Lake Clark freezes over and opens up an entirely new playground. My heart sings and I’m like a helium balloon being tied down to my chair, waiting to be released. Maybe it’s like when I lived in Seattle and would go to Nordstrom and slip my feet into a new pair of red patent high heels *squeal.* The exploding joy!… Read More

Overlooking Kontrash

Summer. It was a glorious summer. A summer filled with many mountain summits and unexpected adventures! At the beginning of summer, I was frustrated thinking about another summer with a lack of those able to explore and adventure with me. I felt like a four-year old who wanted to stamp her foot and pout. And I’m sure I actually did. I even logged my lament in my journal and asked the Lord for some… Read More

Surveying opportunities for adventure

This is my fourth summer in Alaska. I’m not sure when they official count started, but we have all ready had more sunny days this “summer” than the last three combined. It’s all over the news. This is legit folks. Not only sun, but breaking records of HEAT. Like 75-80 degrees! Don’t even roll those eyes, that’s incredible. I think we’ve had 2 days of “rain” in the last 5 weeks. My… Read More

Holy Mountain Ski Group

We had a warm winter with very little snow and an unfrozen lake. This amounts to feeling a bit confined to our one mile runway community. April has brought us a few weeks of  sunshine and everyone has been drinking it up. A friend flew his wife and several friends up to Holy Mountain, behind Port Alsworth for an afternoon ski adventure. It was pure bliss. You can see the super cub… Read More

When the movie theater in town closed down because it didn’t have enough business, we had to get creative. Bahh… I guess the next best thing is to hike to Tanalian Falls and pack raft out to Lake Clark. Yawn. It was a celebration of adventure friends back for the summer. Five brave souls ready to tame the raging river. Okay it’s not that raging, but has some good rapids. Though it… Read More

  Words can hardly describe this past weekend and pictures will be a poor second. Little Lake Clark is one of my favorite spots in the area. We lived fully last weekend, squeezing as much as we could out of the summer. It was full of amazing weather, fantastic company and epic adventures…rappelling, waterfalls, climbing, bocce ball, roasted corn, grayling on a fly rod, hiking, worship service, boating, cliff jumping and soaking up the… Read More