Mission Memos


After a few days enjoying the heat of Mendoza, we ventured into the Andes Mountains to a very small town, Cacheuta. Known for its natural hot springs and arid mountain surroundings, we were ready for a day of relaxing.  The hour bus ride out of Mendoza took us through more typical looking wine country.     I was curious who would be at this little hot springs in the middle of the… Read More

Heather and Joanna joined Sherry and I on the first leg of our trip, and what a fabulous time we had!  Our grand travels began with a 10 hour bus ride from Cordoba to Mendoza.  Of which I mostly slept, as I was recovering from a quick stomach flu.  However, it was my first experience with the Argentine long distance bus system…and what an enjoyable experience it was!  Better than flying, with… Read More

I hate the question “how was it,” when you return from a long trip.  Do people really want to know?  How much do you share?  Usually, I just prepare the two sentence explanation and see if people want to dig any deeper.  As I type this blog post, I’m enjoying some mate tea in my Argentine gourd, purchased one night at Cordoba’s downtown craft fair.   Here are some pictures to put a… Read More

The days are long and full of so much to share.  So many great things have happened during the last week at the English Camp!  I am used to speaking slowly and in simple English, with big hand gestures and lots of nods for “okay?”  So, I feel that I am doing this as I type this blog post.  Reflections…I am surprised that our cultures are not as different as I first… Read More

That is a phrase I have down in Spanish! I am experiencing my own version of Spanish immersion here in Argentina. I´ve been picking up a few words, and since I know the least of the tutors, I´m always the example up front, so learn a few more words and phrases each day. Sherry and I arrived safely in the country and were picked up by Dawn and her daughter, Heather at the… Read More

I would like to say something profound about my trip to Argentina in Spanish, but words fail me.  Not because I don’t have them, I just don’t know Spanish.  So, I’ll proceed in English. Thursday morning I jump on a flight several flights to Argentina!!  Here are my top 10 reasons why I’m excited (in no particular order). 1.  That the Lord brought me to Alaska, where I met Dawn & Jon… Read More