Mission Memos


Overlooking Kontrash

Summer. It was a glorious summer. A summer filled with many mountain summits and unexpected adventures! At the beginning of summer, I was frustrated thinking about another summer with a lack of those able to explore and adventure with me. I felt like a four-year old who wanted to stamp her foot and pout. And I’m sure I actually did. I even logged my lament in my journal and asked the Lord for some… Read More

  Words can hardly describe this past weekend and pictures will be a poor second. Little Lake Clark is one of my favorite spots in the area. We lived fully last weekend, squeezing as much as we could out of the summer. It was full of amazing weather, fantastic company and epic adventures…rappelling, waterfalls, climbing, bocce ball, roasted corn, grayling on a fly rod, hiking, worship service, boating, cliff jumping and soaking up the… Read More

Freedom in Port Alsworth is being able to launch an adventure on my own. To get out-of-town, away from the summer hustle and bustle without relying on another person to transport me places via airplane or boat. Freedom for me comes in the form of the kayak I bought last summer and named La Independencia. While paddling and skiing on Lake Clark over the past year, I’ve studied the mountains surrounding Port… Read More

    John Wesley Gibbs and Doris Elaine Bennet met on Howdy Day at East High School in Denver, Colorado…Grandma says he was attracted to her nice legs, and I’m sure she was charmed by his quick wit, good looks and gentle spirit.  They were married for 63 years in 2009, when my Grandma passed away. Their engagement photo below is one of my favorites. My Grandpa was reunited in heaven with… Read More

Lake Clark Pass empties glacier water out of craggy peaks by force creating dozens of glorious waterfalls.  Fortressed by 10,000 foot peaks, Little Lake Clark is an impressive area and easily my favorite place nearby Port Alsworth. With a boat loaded with gear and a pirate flag, we forged out late Friday night for our destination.  The weather left something to be desired, but we weren’t complaining because the lake was a… Read More

I set out on a solo hike this Saturday, up to a near-by nob I have been eyeing for the past few months.  It’s part way up the big Holy Mountain that is in the mountain range behind Port Alsworth and along Lake Kontrashibuna.  The trail goes up to the lake, then I took a canoe up and across the lake before starting bush whacking my way to the top.  I did… Read More