Mission Memos


There once were “these people,” a posse of people a mass of mischief a heard of hoodlums out to see if snowmen could rule the world. They were inspired by Calvin and Hobbs, please tell me you know who this amazing little boy and his crime fighting tiger are… or you can just stop reading right now. If not, redeem yourself and do some research HERE to expand your cranium… Anyway, these… Read More

Several weeks ago I walked into hangar Lake and Pen Air and jumped at the sight of a full size stuffed moose. Just hanging out. Hiding his head in the airplane engine covers. Like he was embarrassed. I missed seeing it be transported out on the Caravan. That alone would have been fantastic. Well, I finally got the call that we needed to move the moose (I named him Phil) and his… Read More

The Iditarod.  A 1,000 mile race across Alaska’s unforgiving terrain gripped by winter’s clutches. Sixty-seven teams set out yesterday from Willow, Alaska to endure a challenge only an elite few will finish, each one dreaming of the warm steam bath at the end.  Wait, maybe that would just be me.  Do their snow pants and “foot condos” have central heating?  Do they have enough bacon treats for each pooch? There is a… Read More

It’s no secret that Jon and I are lovers of this precious nectar of the gods. Glorious goodness. As small children, I remember having serious conversations with Jon about if peanut butter will be in heaven.  I was more worried that if the rapture happened, would I have time to quick run to the store and get some on my way up to heaven?  It’s safe to say we both probably consume… Read More

One cold rainy Sunday afternoon this fall, I got a call after church from Ryan asking if I wanted go on an adventure. There was a seat open in the Stinson to fly down and help move a hanger door onto the barge in Iliamna. A what? A hanger door…  At first I said no, knowing it would be a long cold afternoon, and I was quite enjoying my book in front… Read More

Summer is flying by and it’s been a very busy last month for me.  It’s been a summer of dashing out the door to enjoy the cloud breaks and soak up the little sun we’ve gotten.  These pictures are a little deceiving, as most are bluebird days, and that has not been the normal. I have enjoyed what we’ve gotten, but it’s been a rainy last few weeks. I’ve loved the summer… Read More