Mission Memos


PEACHES. Yumm.. Who can resist a juicy ripe peach on a hot summer day? I can’t say I’ve had a chance to eat one on a hot day this summer, but a low 60’s day in August will do. They taste just as good. I went out to the peach orchard nestled in the tundra behind my house and picked 35 plump ripe peaches for some jam. Then I fired up my jet… Read More

Here in rural Alaska, we do many things out of necessity. Make our own toilet paper. Employ eagles to fly our mail to Anchorage. Rub sticks together for fire. The usual. Roasting coffee is not really a necessity, but more of a hobby for my friend Scott, who lives across Lake Clark from Port Alsowrth. I felt like an interviewer from NPR as Scott showed me the finer skills of roasting coffee.  Let… Read More

Jam on biscuits… Jam on toast… Jam is the thing I love the most… Blackberry, strawberry, gooseberry… I’m very fond of JAAAAAAMMMMMM! Bread and Jam for Frances by Russell Hoban was a favorite childhood book and just recently I learned that this little poem was from it. Two of my favorite little boys do an award-winning rendition of the above poem with some major emphasis and fist pump on the JAAAAMMMM. Last… Read More

A favorite snack of mine is hummus and once I was introduced to making it on my own, I have a hard time buying it at the store.  I hope I can inspire you also to whip up some DIY hummus…it’s super easy! Yes, that’s a bear rug you see in the background, but no animals were harmed in the making of this recipe. Hummus Ingredients 1 12 oz can of garbanzo… Read More

I’m spoiled. Like a kid who jumps up and down nagging his mom at the grocery store for some candy at the check-out stand…then actually gets it.  This is how I feel every time I eat wild Alaskan sockeye salmon, that is in abundance in my freezer.  Like I am trying to eat through it, because it’s taking up so much darn space, and we need to make room for things like… Read More