Mission Memos


You might live in rural Alaska if… your fuel comes in on an airplane.  A really BIG silver bullet called a DC-6.  You can hear them in your chest as they lumber toward the approach and giving a low, deafening buzz over town as they circle around in their “short final.” They come in screaming…taking up the whole 3/4 mile runway, whipping the engines in reverse as they hit the gravel. Then you know to… Read More

You might live in rural Alaska if …. your church parking lot looks like this. Or any parking lot in the village for that matter.  Don’t be fooled by the number of Honda’s (4-wheeler) in the picture. A family of 5 can easily fit on one. No there are no car seats for babies.  You hold them.  And a 4-year-old drove me to church last week. How do you deal with the rain, mud,… Read More